• June 1 – August 31
  • Opening Reception– July 2– 1:00 – 2:30
  • Portraits and Places
  • Ann McNamee began her love with history and traveling early in her life. Before moving to Montclaire, NJ, she lived in Venezuela and Chile. In Montclaire she worked with antiques and decorating while raising her family. Her love of antiques, carries over to her choice of living in the oldest house in Amagansett, The Nethaniel Baker House. In 2000, Ann moved out full-time to Amagansett and also started painting. She studied at the Art Barge with Michael Rosch and Bill Nagel. Her inspiration was found in the beauty of the area, the light, and the community of artists.  Her work reflects her ongoing enjoyment in other worlds, other lives and the magic of a moment captured in time. Her painting style reflects her studies of the the British Romantic painters, particularly the Pre-Raphaelites.
  • July 23  Dress Down Sunday
  • After service is “Dress Down Sunday” to work outdoors; bring your gardening clothes and favorite tools!




  • July 23 Life Is Waiting : La Vida Es Esperar
  • Speaker: Linda Anderson— has been a UU minister for 25 years. Her first congregation was in Kingston, NY and then she became a hospital chaplain and trainer of chaplains on Long Island. She has led two retreats for the UUCSF and is the Affiliated Community Minister of the Stony Brook UU.
  • Worship Associate: Pat Gorman & Stephen “Tuna” Flores
  • Musician: Sara Gordon
  • In Spanish Esperar means not only to wait but also to hope.Life is waiting. Life is hoping.All of our waiting contains elements of hope or hope’s shadow side, dread.
  • July 30
  • Speaker: Denny Davidoff
  • Worship Associate: Mark Potter
  • In the midst of summer 2017 adventures including the UUA General Assembly and a Chautauqua week about the crisis in American religion, Denny will speak about change and challenge, transition and trauma, and where we might be headed as a faith movement.
  • August 6
  • Speakers: Minerva Perez & Sandy Dunn
  • Worship Associate: Pamela Greinke
  • Musician: Rhonda Liss & Steven Skoldberg
  • Minerva Perez will be sharing information on the issues that OLA has been focused on recently and the ways that our community can become involved in supporting our Latin@ neighbors. Recent actions include: offering mental health workshops in collaboration with CMEE; a theater camp for children and the results of their recent camp; how limited transportation options for unlicensed drivers can be problematic and how we can all help to push this as a platform issue for candidates in East Hampton, Southampton and the legislature; Information on discretionary laws that could have Latinos sent to jail, and how immigrant allies can fight the feeling of helplessness. We need to each focus on what we can and what we want to do to better our community and actively create the environment we envision.
  • August 13 Climate Change is the Worst Environmental Injustice
  • Speaker: John Andrews
  • Worship Associate: Bev Krouse
  • Musician: Sara Gordon
  • The nations most vulnerable to climate change are overwhelmingly Black and/or Muslim. What does that say about us here in America–both the well-intentioned and the not-so-well-intentioned.
  • August 20  Infinity in Your Hand
  • Speaker: Galen Guengerich, Senior Minister of All Souls, NYCity
  • Worship Associate: John Andrews
  • Musician: Nancy Remkus
  • When the poet William Blake observed that you could hold infinity in the palm of your hand, he was stating poetically what can also be stated scientifically: each element of our experience connects us with the experience of everything. Our awareness of this interplay involves practicing what in today’s parlance we call mindfulness. If we look carefully at what is close at hand, we suddenly realize that we already have more of everything — and we remind ourselves not to take what we have for granted.














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