• Sunday, May 28, 12pm
  • Our Place in the Web of Life: An Introduction to Environmental Justice
  • The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork is hosting a series of 5 workshops developed by the UU Ministry of Earth.  Everyone in the community is welcome to attend.  It will be facilitated by our minister, Kimberly Johnson, and other members of UUCSF.
  • Many people know a great deal about issues of sustainability and are eager to do their part to repair the environment.  And many understand how social oppression works to build up walls that divide the human family, especially along the lines of racial-ethnic identity and class.  Yet, far too often these concerns are seen as separate issues.  Indeed, at times, in advocacy they even may be pitted against each other – with someone asserting that one concern should take priority. 
  • This curriculum serves to link social and environmental concerns as mutually informed projects and encourages participants to not simply “talk about the injustice of it all”, but learn new practices and skills in the context of collaboration that bring about the kind of world we dream about.  Each session builds on the one before so it is important to try to attend all 5.
  • The sessions are scheduled for March 26, April 9, May 7, 14, and 28 at noon at the UU Meetinghouse.  A $5 charge for the series will cover materials.  For further information, please call Rev Kimberly Johnson at 631-537-0132.
  • Friday, June 2, 8pm
  • Songwriters Share Concert Series
  • Dan Koontz will be playing for Therapeutic Riding Center of the East End.
  • June 3, 3pm
  • “Non-Violent Communication” Workshop
  • UUCSF is co-sponsoring this event with PEER’s Women’s Group.  Led by Dr. Joanna Komoska and Mara Komoska, “Conflict Transformation” is a 3-hour workshop on understanding and improving communication skills for outreach to those outside our circles as well as those within.  It will be held at the UUCSF Meetinghouse.
  • June 11
  • New Member Sunday
  • Membership in a UU Congregation may be one of the easiest things you can do. And it may be one of the most challenging. Unitarian Universalist Congregations require no confession of faith. Yet, we challenge ourselves and each other to keep alive our search for truth and meaning in our lives and our quest for justice and equity in the world. In congregations, we promise to walk together on this journey. On June 11, we will be inducting new members into the congregation. If you are interested in joining, please contact Rev. Kimberly minister@uucsf.org by Tuesday, June 6.
  • Saturday, June 11, 12pm
  • Qi Gong
  • The open flow of our Qi invigorates us, clarifies our vision and sense of direction, and awakens joy and our love of life.  Let your heart tune into the present moment with these deep Classical Chinese move­ments and breathing exercises.  All are welcome. 
  • Sunday, June 18, 11:45am
  • UUCSF Annual Meeting
  • Our Annual Meeting is being held at the Meetinghouse on Sunday, June 18, 2017, for no longer than 75 minutes following service.  We will have Minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting and annual reports from the Minister, President, Treasurer, and Committee Chairs available to you at the meeting.  Please mark June 18 on your calendars and make every attempt to be present, as this meeting will require a quorum of 40% of our membership to vote and adopt a motion.  The Board is requesting that any additional agenda items that you would like to discuss at this meeting be submitted to the Board President pawittenberg@optonline.net by June 7, 2017.  Thank you.




  • May 28 The Cost of War
  • Speaker: Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson
  • Worship Assistant: Michael Daly
  • Musician: Nancy Remkus
  • On this Memorial Day Weekend, we remember all those who have died while serving in the armed forces in contemplation of the cost of war.
  • June 4  I Know What You Mean — Agreeing to Listen and Trying to Understand
  • Speaker: John Freund
  • Worship Associate: Sue Penny
  • Musician: John Freund
  • Real listening is nearly impossible when we look at individuals through the filter of our perceptions and attitudes about race, gender, age, politics or any other group classification we want to lump them into.  Real listening is the only path to real understanding.  The world will never come to full agreement.  And because of this agreement is not always a path to peace.  Understanding is the path to lasting peace whether there is agreement or not.
  • Wednesday, June 7, 6pm   Evening Service – Zest
  • Speaker: Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson
  • Musician: Jane Hastay
  • Featuring the music of local pianist Jane Hastay and the Chickpeas, This evening service offers an intimate and more contemplative worship through music, story, meditation and reflection. The theme for this month is Zest.













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