• June 1 – August 31
  • Portraits and Places
  • Ann McNamee began her love with history and traveling early in her life. Before moving to Montclaire, NJ, she lived in Venezuela and Chile. In Montclaire she worked with antiques and decorating while raising her family. Her love of antiques, carries over to her choice of living in the oldest house in Amagansett, The Nethaniel Baker House. In 2000, Ann moved out full-time to Amagansett and also started painting. She studied at the Art Barge with Michael Rosch and Bill Nagel. Her inspiration was found in the beauty of the area, the light, and the community of artists.  Her work reflects her ongoing enjoyment in other worlds, other lives and the magic of a moment captured in time. Her painting style reflects her studies of the the British Romantic painters, particularly the Pre-Raphaelites.
  • Sunday, August 27, 12pm-2pm
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby semiannual conference. The new co-leaders of the Long Island East chapter of CCL are our own Mary Morgan and John Andrews. Come hear our plans for the next six months, share your own ideas, and learn how you can help keep our planet livable for our children and grandchildren.
  • Saturday, September 9, 12-4pm
  • UUCSF Summer Picnic
  • Please come to the Summer Picnic at Bill’s Teepee at 78 Big Fresh Pond Road, Southampton, on Saturday, September 9, from 12-4pm.  Please share a potluck dish, dessert, or favorite food to BBQ.  BYOB!  Bring a bathing suit and towel and games.  Ping-pong, two kayaks, one canoe, and a BBQ grill are provided.  Rain date Sunday, September 10, 1-4pm.  RSVP to Jeanne Wisner, 516-383-0415.  For directions, call Bill at 917-991-7841.  Invite your friends and family.  See you there!
  • Saturday, September 10, 12pm
  • Qi Gong
  • The open flow of our Qi invigorates us, clarifies our vision and sense of direction, and awakens joy and our love of life.  Let your heart tune into the present moment with these deep Classical Chinese move­ments and breathing exercises.  All are welcome. 
  • Thursday, September 14, 7pm
  • Board Meeting




  • August 20  Infinity in Your Hand
  • Speaker: Galen Guengerich, Senior Minister of All Souls, NYCity
  • Worship Associate: John Andrews
  • Musician: Nancy Remkus
  • When the poet William Blake observed that you could hold infinity in the palm of your hand, he was stating poetically what can also be stated scientifically: each element of our experience connects us with the experience of everything. Our awareness of this interplay involves practicing what in today’s parlance we call mindfulness. If we look carefully at what is close at hand, we suddenly realize that we already have more of everything — and we remind ourselves not to take what we have for granted.
  • August 27  A Zen monk’s Reflections on a visit to Native American Holy Sites
  • Speaker: Michel Dobbs, Zendo: Michel Engu Dobbs is Sensei from the Ocean Zendo- husband, father of three, bakery manager, zen practitioner for 20+ years, studying with Muryo Roshi (Peter Matthiessen) for 19 years, and becoming his first dharma heir in 2005.
  • Worship Associate: Kent Martin
  • Musician: Steven Skoldberg
  • A Zen monk’s reflections on a visit to Native American holy sites of the northern plains.














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