• 10:30am unless otherwise noted
    • February 17, 2019
    • “I found God in myself and I loved her . . .I loved her fiercely”
    • Speakers: Congregation Members and Pam Greinke
    • Worship Associate: Pam Greinke
    • Musician: Steven Skoldberg
    • Homage to Ntozake Shange, an American playwright and poet. As a Black feminist,  she addressed issues relating to race  and Black power  in much of her work. She is best known for her play, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf. ” 
    • February 24, 2019
    • To Remember Our Promises
    • Speaker: Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson
    • Worship Assistant: Margi Pulkingham
    • Musician: Peter Weiss and John Ludlow
    • Without any prescribed dogma or creed, Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith. What holds us together are the promises we make to each other and to the world. This week, as we prepare to create a congregational covenant, we explore what covenant means to us.
    • March 3, 2019
    • Stories for Liberation: Celebrating our Young Heroes
    • Speaker: Herstory Writers
    • Worship Assistant: Sue Penny or Pam Greinke
    • Musician: Sara Gordon
    • Today we share two poignant stories that are part of Herstory Writers Workshop’s recent collection, Brave Journeys, a book of 15 short pieces by high school students celebrating the extraordinary heroism of our immigrant youth.   
    • We share the hope and the light in their voices at this moment of time when, in the words of Nancy Pelosi, “the Statue of Liberty has tears in her eyes.” We invite you to a service dedicated to providing sanctuary and inclusion for all, as we ask on another: “​Can we help spread these stories to hold up the torch of compassion and welcome, and bring back the light that the oppressors are trying to extinguish? Can they help the most vulnerable among us hold on through the darkness, uncertainty, and danger?”




  • Sharing Circle – Wednesday, Wednesday, February 13, 2:00pm (2nd Wednesday of each month)
  • Hope and Resilience Circle – Wednesday, February 13, 7:00pm (2nd Wednesday of each month)
  • Board Meeting – Thursday, February 14, 7:00pm (2nd Thursday of each month
  • Congregational Workshop to Create a Covenant of Right Relations
  • March 9th 10-2pm at the Water Mill Center, 39 Water Mill Town Road, Water Mill
  • This is an opportunity to spell out our commitment to one another.  It is a promise from the heart of how we interact.  It will help build a stronger community.  One that is safe for everyone to express themselves and encourages participation in congregational life.  We are a diverse group of people.  Our spiritual journeys have different paths.  Our social advocacy takes different forms.  This conversation will help us define our aspirations. Everyone’s voice needs to be heard.   Everyone’s support, energy and participation is vital. What will the end result be?  A written pledge that guides our behavior and will be affirmed via a vote by the membership.
  • for more information, contact any members of the Committee on Shared Ministry:
  • Martha Potter mtpotter@optonline.net (631) 725-0405
  • Ken Dorph ken.dorph@gmail.com (631) 365-1453
  • David Holstein daveholstein7@gmail.com  (631) 594-2423
  • Upcoming Meetings & Events
  • Outreach Team Meeting – Wednesday, February 27, 6:30pm
  • Inreach Team Meeting – Monday, March 18, 5:30pm
  • Worship Committee Meeting – Saturday, March 23, 9:00am
  • Green Justice Team Meeting – Wednesday, March 27, 11:15am






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