From Our President

From Our President 

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork (UUCSF) is an energetic and conscientious spiritual and religious community in Bridgehampton on the East End of Long Island, and we welcome all.  Many who come in consider it to be their home with other like-minded individuals who agree to embrace a variety of points of view.  UUCSF is a welcoming meetinghouse that accommodates other diverse communities under the same roof — Ocean Zendo, Tapovana Yoga, The Rainbow School, Ballroom Dancing, ACoA – and we are the grateful hosts of musicians, speakers, and local leaders and activists who enrich our experiences and our lives.  We strive to understand the roots of joy or despair, power or disenfranchisement, truth or delusion, and love or fear as these relate to our common world.  Together we share this space to be who we are while we learn and grow in an effort to be of more service to one another.     

One of the mainstays of our religion is to always stand on the side of love.  The world is less big when you have some hands to support and help you on your way.  If you are looking for a religion or a safe haven, let yourself come and be a part of a growing community that nurtures our collective whole so that together we can reach out and do the work that is needed close to home and beyond.  We are all needed for this purpose.  

UUCSF is a religious and spiritual home where every individual’s spirituality can come together for the greater good.  Everyone is welcome.  Come.  

Pamela Wittenberg


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