• Services start Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 

      August Services

  • August 20  Infinity in Your Hand
  • Speaker: Galen Guengerich, Senior Minister of All Souls, NYCity
  • Worship Associate: John Andrews
  • Musician: Nancy Remkus
  • When the poet William Blake observed that you could hold infinity in the palm of your hand, he was stating poetically what can also be stated scientifically: each element of our experience connects us with the experience of everything. Our awareness of this interplay involves practicing what in today’s parlance we call mindfulness. If we look carefully at what is close at hand, we suddenly realize that we already have more of everything — and we remind ourselves not to take what we have for granted.
  • August 27  A Zen monk’s Reflections on a visit to Native American Holy Sites
  • Speaker: Michel Dobbs, Zendo: Michel Engu Dobbs is Sensei from the Ocean Zendo- husband, father of three, bakery manager, zen practitioner for 20+ years, studying with Muryo Roshi (Peter Matthiessen) for 19 years, and becoming his first dharma heir in 2005.
  • Worship Associate: Kent Martin
  • Musician: Steven Skoldberg
  • A Zen monk’s reflections on a visit to Native American holy sites of the northern plains.

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