• Services start Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 

      May/June Services

  • May 28 The Cost of War
  • Speaker: Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson
  • Worship Assistant: Michael Daly
  • Musician: Nancy Remkus
  • On this Memorial Day Weekend, we remember all those who have died while serving in the armed forces in contemplation of the cost of war.
  • June 4  I Know What You Mean — Agreeing to Listen and Trying to Understand
  • Speaker: John Freund
  • Worship Associate: Sue Penny
  • Musician: John Freund
  • Real listening is nearly impossible when we look at individuals through the filter of our perceptions and attitudes about race, gender, age, politics or any other group classification we want to lump them into.  Real listening is the only path to real understanding.  The world will never come to full agreement.  And because of this agreement is not always a path to peace.  Understanding is the path to lasting peace whether there is agreement or not.
  • Wednesday, June 7, 6pm   Evening Service – Zest
  • Speaker: Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson
  • Musician: Jane Hastay
  • Featuring the music of local pianist Jane Hastay and the Chickpeas, This evening service offers an intimate and more contemplative worship through music, story, meditation and reflection. The theme for this month is Zest.

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