Services start Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

July Services

  • July 22  Climate Change and the Ocean
  • Speaker: Judith Weis  Dr. Judith Weis is a Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences at Rutgers University, Newark. Her research focuses on estuarine ecology and ecotoxicology, and she has published over 200 refereed scientific papers, as well as books for the general public on salt marshes, fish, crabs, and marine pollution. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She has many honors and awards and has served on many national advisory committees related to her field.
  • Worship Assistant: John Andrews
  • Musician: Abby Fleming
  • The ocean absorbs much of the carbon dioxide we generate and about 90% of the heat produced, thereby reducing the amount of warming we experience on land. But what does all this extra heat and CO2 do to the ocean and its residents? We will examine warming of the ocean and the changes in its chemistry and look at their effects on marine organisms and ecosystems.
  • July 29  Death and Rebirth: Pagan Lessons of Balance
  • Speaker: Joe & Tara Gonzalez  Joe Gonzales and his wife Tara are Wiccan High Priest and Priestess, and friends of the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation in White Plains, NY, where he teaches 4th-5th Grade Religious Education and is a member of the RE Council. Tara and Joe also teach the Wiccan lesson in both the 6th-7th Grade Neighboring Faiths and 2nd-3rd Grade Holidays and Holy Days classes.
  • Worship Assistant: Mark Potter
  • Musician: Steven Skoldberg
  • Pagan holidays revolve around the balance between the sun and the moon, representative of God and Goddess. They not only celebrate the light and the sustenance it brings by helping crops grow, but the darkness as well. How are these celebrations relevant in our current lives filled with modern conveniences, and how can they teach us to find the light in our lives even during our darkest hours?

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