From Our President

From Our President 

Welcome to our community and meetinghouse!

We are a Spiritual Community, made up of members and friends, some who have been Unitarian Universalists their entire lives and many who have come from other religious or spiritual backgrounds and have found Unitarian Universalist values to represent their own values.

We are not a church, but a meetinghouse. We sit on comfortable chairs, not pews. We develop our services to discuss and celebrate the things we share, our common priorities, whether they be social justice, environmental sustainability or economic equality. We truly honor every individual’s search for truth and meaning in this world.

I, myself, was brought up Roman Catholic. In my 30’s, I began a search for a place of worship that more closely reflected my own personal values of freedom and justice for all. After attending several different churches over the years, I visited the UUCSF in 2015 and found my spiritual and community home. I find myself recharged from each and every service and gathering we have. I am impressed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the work that is being done to make our world a better place and I can’t imagine that ever changing.

I am so honored to serve the members and friends of this growing congregation and the East End community at large and I hope that those of you who celebrate with us will share your thoughts and wishes on how we can better serve our community. My other hope is that more and more members of our community will find their spiritual home, here with us at the UUCSF.

No matter who you love,

No matter how you vote,

No matter what your name for the sacred,

You are welcome here.



Michael Daly


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