Our Mission Statement was adopted by the congregation in January, 2011.  The bold statements below constitute Who We Are.  John Andrews, Board President at the time, elaborated on the meaning of each statement in his President’s Letter in the UUCSF Newsletter of February, 2011. 

We are a spiritual community. I’m glad this is our opening sentence, yet I know there are some within our congregation who are uncomfortable with words like “spiritual.” That’s one reason I set great store in our February/March program on Paul Tillich. I think you’ll find his language resonating with both the humanists and the theists among us.

We honor every individual’s search for truth and meaning. In contrast to some religions, we are not required to check our minds at the door. This freedom, however, carries responsibility along with it. The search is a community effort as well as an individual one. We can learn from one another’s insights.

We act against exclusion, oppression, and violence. The verb “act” sets a high standard for us. This is not something to remand to the Social Justice Committee while the rest of us get on with our lives. “We act” is a promise to be fulfilled by all of us.

We nurture the health of the earth. Being good stewards of our planet requires that we use our minds as well as our hearts. I hope that one of the congregational goals we select enables us to make a measurable difference in the right direction.

We strive for peace in our hearts and in the world around us. The sages all agree that the way to peace in the world must start with peace in our hearts. I find this hard to hold onto when I hear demagogues telling bald-faced lies and then read of polls showing that the American people have bought into the lies. That’s why I need to be reminded.

When fear strikes, we stand on the side of love. Anxiety and fear are consequences of the human condition. The last sentence in our Statement of Identity expresses our claim that when we encounter fear—whether our own fears or fears (often mixed with hate) expressed by others—the only real answer is love. Again, I need to be reminded.

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