Music plays an integral role in the unfolding of our Sunday service. Weaving together the spoken word and music, whether through song or instrumental pieces, these add richly nuanced depth to the theme of the service. As music provides a vital part of worship at UUCSF, our members, families and friends participate, singing hymns, and as listeners and performers. 

Each week, music opens the service with a Prelude, lifts our spirits during the Offertory, gives us space for reflection during the Meditation and brings a sense of wholeness at the close of the service with the Postlude, interspersed with the joyful experience of singing hymns from both Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey.

We are blessed with a variety of talented musicians of different ages and backgrounds in our area.  Our music program invites musicians from the community and UU congregations as well as members from our own congregation who graciously offer us their talents. Our program encompasses a variety of musical genres from classical, traditional, folk and jazz ballad to world-music, offered by musicians who are vocalists and/or play a variety of instruments including percussion, African drums, Native American drums and flutes, violin (both classical and traditional fiddle), flute, guitar and piano.   

We are so blessed to have a beautiful Steinway grand piano which was donated to our congregation by Len Harmon in memory of his wife, Marion, who played the piano. And we are so grateful for the beautiful sound in our sanctuary with its wonderful acoustics. 

Some musicians you may hear: (and by no means is this an exhaustive list, this is only the beginning!)

Peter Weiss
Nancy Remkus
Abby Flemming
Megan Chaskey
Sara Gordon
Mike Guglielmo
Rhonda Liss
Marianne Koerner
Sally Block
Bennett Konesni
Edith Gawler
Steve Eaton
Claude Soffel
Susan Bailey
Walter Klauss

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