Become a Member

The UUCSF is an open and caring community that welcomes all, fosters spiritual growth, engages our energies, advocates for social and climate justice and works to make our neighborhood a better place to live.  Members and friends come for many reasons, generously offer their talents and treasures and enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves.

We are guided by Unitarian Universalism and the Seven Principles which help unify us.  There is no dogma and our strength comes from the diversity of thinking plus the varied histories our members have with organized and not-so-organized religion.   The UUCSF’s members developed a Mission statement that helps define us to the outside world and a Covenant of Right Relations that ensures we interact with one another appropriately.  Members feel the strength of numbers and the power that comes from shared values.

Membership: After attending several services and getting to know us, we hope that you will be excited about becoming an active member of the congregation.  Membership is a proactive decision.  It implies that you will show up and participate in worship, events or activities. It is a commitment to fellow congregants to be in community.  It carries with it the ownership that this is my new home.

Becoming a member is relatively easy:

  1. Meet with the Minister.  A chance for you to get acquainted with Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson.  She will discuss what it is like to be part of the congregation, some highlights of Unitarian Universalism and delve into your expectations.
  2. A financial commitment.  A pledge for the upcoming year to donate funds to help sustain our congregation.
  3. Signing the membership book.

Friend:  Some individuals prefer to be active participants in the congregation as Friends and do not sign the membership book.  We welcome everyone and encourage their joining in congregational life.  You can be extremely active and engaged as a friend.  Our only requirement is a financial contribution to help support our Meetinghouse and its mission.

Pledging:  Finances are part of every congregation’s well-being.  The UUCSF exists because of the financial support of its congregants.  There is an expectation that all members and friends will make a financial commitment, a pledge, each year.  Pledging is a good faith intention to donate funds over our fiscal year which runs from July 1 – June 30.  Pledging is a personal decision and reflects one’s financial situation.  It should reflect what you value in the UUCSF — spiritual nourishment, intellectual challenges, opportunities to grow, social activism, a caring community, diversity or a second home.  We hope that your pledge aligns with the “benefits” you perceive.

The UUA has created a worksheet and information on suggested contributions based on the two metrics of commitment and income. Click here to download the UUA worksheet. The UUCSF’s only belief is that everyone can give something.  Pledges from members and friends represents approximately half of our annual budget.