Religious & Ethical Education

Religious Education

We come together as a community to support the spiritual, moral and creative development of the children in the congregation. There’s a place for everyone’s time and talents as we create a flourishing RE experience that embodies the essence of UUC principles and beliefs, shapes young lives, and lays a foundation for the future of our congregation. With the use of age-appropriate curriculum, activities and committed teaching, we provide an opportunity for our youth to freely ask questions, express opinions, and explore.


Our RE program uses You The Creator (Richard S. Kimball) as a guide for our curriculum. The basic message of You the Creator is in the title; that your child should be, and are, one of the creative forces of the world. Each Sunday the children will explore the creative side of themselves and how that creativity is connected to UU values.

Guest Adults

Parents and other Adults in the congregation are encouraged to volunteer as a guest adult, sitting in with the classes and offering assistance to the teachers and  children. This is a great way to get to know some of our younger members, participate in the activities and joys of self-discovery and support the RE program.

Classroom Conduct

Our teaching staff and volunteers spend much time and energy creating a supportive, nurturing, and positive atmosphere in the classroom. Each year, the children help create a covenant to guide how we treat one another in the RE program and we expect them to adhere to it. A classroom covenant is developed by the children every year and we expect all children to behave in adherence to these principles they have set forth.  Parents can help by discussing appropriate behavior with their children and reinforcing the classroom covenant.

The Covenant

The promises we make about how we will treat each other and what we will do to create a safe and sacred space is called a covenant. This is our covenant:

  1. We are kind to each other.
  2. We respect everyone with our words and actions.
  3. Only one person may speak at a time.
  4. When one person speaking, we give them the same respect we enjoy when we are speaking.
  5. We do not judge or criticize each other.
  6. We respect and support each other’s ideas and suggestions.
  7. We listen to the hopes and concerns of others.
  8. We work together to make our time together peaceful, safe, fair and fun.
  9. We care for the Meeting House, the Earth, its creatures, and our surroundings.

Special Needs

If there are special needs for your children within our Congregation and RE program, please let us know so we can best accommodate your child.

For further information about our children’s program, please contact:
Sue Penny
Kent Martin

Adult Programs

Our congregation’s diversity of backgrounds and interests assures leadership for our wide-ranging adult programs. Programs are held at a variety of times on weekdays, and are open to the entire community. Past adult programs have included such subjects as science and religion, the Bible, Unitarian Universalist history, and several series based on curriculums developed through the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA). One of these, “Building Your Own Theology,” helped participants find their own spiritual meanings in life without the restrictions of a particular creed. Another, “Journey Towards Wholeness,” was an inquiry into how we are divided by racial and economic differences and what responses we can make to these realities. “Is there Unity in Diversity?” explored the theological differences represented in a typical UU congregation. “Spirit of Life” workshops emphasized spiritual growth and depth rather than specific practices. Check our newsletter for current programs.

Ongoing Adult Programs

Sharing Circles

Sharing Circles provide opportunities for UUCSF members and friends to gather for ongoing sharing and listening on subjects that are spiritual, religious or humanistic in nature. Groups of 8-10 people meet monthly to exchange thoughts on a chosen topic in an environment of mutual respect for different points of view, and support for continuing exploration of our individual spiritual journeys.


QiGong, a meditative spiritual practice with movement elements similar to Tai Chi, is offered the second Sunday of every month following our regular worship service. No prior experience is necessary.