Governance refers to the groups entrusted with ensuring the health and endurance of our Congregation.

Board of Trustees: Responsible for the day-to-day health and operation of the Meetinghouse as well as charting its strategic direction.

Martha Potter – President
Patience Halsey-Sherman – Vice President
Ingrid Krinke – Treasurer
Sara Gordon – Trustee
Katie Legare
– Trustee

Committee on Shared Ministry: Works to make the Meetinghouse a place for everyone to thrive.   Listens, raises issues and aims to solve challenges.

David Holstein*
Ken Dorph
Sue Penny

Nominating Committee:  Identifies candidates to fill key UUCSF positions.

Kent Martin*
Myrna Truitt
Pamela Wittenberg

Finance/Stewardship Team: Caretaker of our financial health and responsible for our annual budget. Works to secure the congregation’s future by engaging members and friends regarding their fiscal commitment, responsibilities, and generosity to the UUCSF.

John Andrews*
Mark Potter*
Tip Brolin
Mark Ewald
Ingrid Krinke
Sue Penny
Carl Wittenberg

Planned Giving:

Members and friends often establish long-term connections at the Meetinghouse.  It can be a place where families have grown up or where congregants have found their spiritual home and have lived their values.  There are so many reasons that we come together.  Above all, we create a community, a family, where we are connected and care for one another.  Many want to ensure that the meetinghouse will be there for future generations.  Planned giving is a way to impact the next generation and be part of the legacy we leave behind.  For more information on planned giving, contact our Stewardship Committee.