Music Director:  Steven Skoldberg

Steven was selected as our Music Director in 2019.  Stephen brings a multitude of talents to the congregation.  He has engaged us via piano, guitar, original compositions, with vocals and incorporates a wide breadth of musical offerings.  He is a life-long musician.  Steven was schooled in classical music at the University of Buffalo and is a music educator who retired from the Montauk Public School and, currently, teaches part-time at the Ross School.

Religious Educator:  Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson – Building Bridges Curriculum 3:30-5:00

Childcare is also available every Sunday during service.


Administrator: Kelly Glanz

Board of Trustees

Board Members are elected by the congregation at the June annual meeting.  Members serve a 3 year-term.  They can serve up to two terms or six years.

Martha Potter, President

Patience Halsey-Sherman – Vice President

Ingrid Krinke – Treasurer

Katie Legare – Secretary

Sara Gordon – Trustee

President’s WELCOME – Martha Potter

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork. Our community is made up of members and friends who are from many different religious backgrounds. We worship together, each in our own way. We are guided by principles not dogma. We welcome all and honor each individual’s search for truth and meaning.

My spiritual journey was not governed by one set of religious principles. My parents were secular Jews and as a child, I attended a Shula set up by the Workmen’s Circle to learn the Yiddish language, history, and culture.

When my husband and I moved to the East End in 2006, we were looking for a community whose values reflected our own beliefs in social justice and freedom of thought. We were impressed by the diversity of services and the commitment to each individual’s search for truth and meaning.

I have tried to take an active role in this community for the last 16 year and am honored to be the President of the Board of Trustees of this congregation.