• We are a spiritual community.
  • We honor every individual’s search for truth and meaning.
  • We act against exclusion, oppression, and violence.
  • We nurture the health of the earth.
  • We strive for peace in our hearts and in the world around us.
  • When fear strikes, we stand on the side of love.

Covenant of Right Relations

Our Covenant of Right Relations is a promise to work together to provide a safe community where ideas are respected, nurtured and everyone’s needs are considered as we celebrate our life together. As members of this beloved community we affirm that:
  • We listen with open hearts and speak with care even when it is difficult
  • We deal with conflict directly; with honesty, love and respect
  • We are mindful that actions may cause pain. We approach others with kindness and a generous spirit
  • We support each congregant’s needs and gifts
  • We respect and nurture everyone in his or her lifelong spiritual journey
  • We promise to care for and about both the young and old
  • We are transparent and inclusive in decisions that are important to congregational life
  • We have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of our congregation
  • We make mistakes and have shortcomings. We forgive ourselves and others

Welcoming Congregation

The UUA’s Welcoming Congregation program is a concerted effort to ensure that ALL people are welcomed into our community.  At its inception, the program was aimed at the inclusion of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.  It expanded to a more proactive role working to undo homophobia and transphobia in our hearts and minds, our congregations and our communities. Today, the Welcoming Congregation is expanding to embrace other groups struggling to gain acceptance and inclusion, including transgender, bisexuals and asexual communities.  The Welcoming program also includes initiatives to be more intentional, incorporating diverse themes into our worship services and celebrating observances meaningful to all of these groups.

Green Sanctuary

UUCSF was awarded the UUA Green Sanctuary designation in 2019 having completed 11 projects over a two-year period.  The effort began with the installation of a 24-kilowatt solar energy system.  It provides 100% of the Meetinghouse’s electricity and has reduced our Carbon footprint by 60%.  Our Worship Services have incorporated the themes of climate change, environmental justice, science and the impact on vulnerable peoples.

The program included a significant number of educational efforts.  There were seminars on the impact of economics and financial choices on the environment; displays on recycling and composting; and a questionnaire that challenged members to commit to reducing their carbon footprint.  A panel presentation, “Good Science vs. Junk Science: How to Tell the Difference,” was produced by three members and was well received in our local towns.  Finally, we have made significant efforts to solidify relationships with Native American and Latinx communities to promote environmental justice.  Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and a respect for our environs continues.

Green Location: The Meetinghouse is located adjacent to the Long Pond Greenbelt.   From our back door, you can access miles of trails that include several ponds.  Enjoy a pleasant walk through the woods north to Sag Harbor or south to the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center.


  • UUCSF received its charter from the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in 1985.
  • Our existing meetinghouse on the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike was dedicated on May 21, 2006.
  • Our minister, The Reverend Kimberly Quinn Johnson, a graduate of Mead Lombard Theological School, creates dynamic Sunday services and shares the pulpit with other religious leaders, lay speakers, and guests from the wider community.


Sometimes I am asked what drew me to Unitarian Universalism and what keeps me engaged to the UUCSF.  That is easy to answer.   Unitarian Universalism is where we raised our children to respect all religions and to value differences.  It is within this faith that I have put together communal meals, gathered for a UU-style Seder during Passover and been part of children’s Religious Exploration classes.   It is where I was pushed to expand my views on social issues, such as race and class, and to take action.  The congregation has provided the opportunity to be a good neighbor, stocking our UUCSF Free Pantry and coordinating the Helping Hand Fund.   It is the place that continues to challenge me to grow as a person and as part of a community with my congregation and the greater world.

Carolyn Holstein, May 2020

My wife and I initially joined the UUs so that we could adopt a religious identity for our unborn children. Our kids came along according to plan, and we were participating in the RE program for the 13 years it took to educate our kids through to Coming of Age. Our daughter made her closest UU friends at Sophia Fahs sleep-away camp, which for decades was on Shelter Island. Our son liked the Coming of Age group that we put together right here in our meetinghouse. I think we have the nicest kids in our program now than we ever have had during all those 27 years, and I am glad to support the RE program financially and with my time on Sundays. At this troubled time in the history of our planet, I think I need our UU congregation more than ever.

Carl Wittenberg, June 2020

Meetinghouse Rental

The UUCSF Meetinghouse, designed by local architect Fred Stelle, is located on over two acres and overlooks a large wooded area that extends along a series of ponds and trails. We welcome any use that is compatible with our mission statement and rental policy. With its spacious design, the building is suitable for weddings, anniversaries, memorials, lectures, meetings, classes, concerts, benefits, fundraisers and spiritual retreats.


  • Convenient location: equal distance between Southampton and East Hampton, close to Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor villages
  • Sanctuary with cathedral ceiling provides seating for 120 people and open view into woodland
  • Reception room adjacent to sanctuary
  • Kitchen next to reception room
  • Meeting room on lower level and rest rooms on main and lower levels
  • Air-conditioned building
  • State of the art sound system and Steinway piano available
  • Fully ADA accessible

For information and reservations please email Ingrid Krinke at ikrinke@gmail.com