Monthly Message

May COSM Monthly Message:

Our Committee of Shared Ministry (COSM) continues to try to increase our connections to one another. Since January, we have initiated phone calls to members of the Congregation to seek suggestions on how to increase our sense of belonging. We supported Congregational Conversations with the Finance and Social Justice Committees and we held a virtual workshop on our covenant and how to better reflect it in our dealings with each other and with the community. Among many excellent suggestions included continuing to find ways to raise transparency and outreach to alumni from our Religious Education programs. We would also like to find ways to gather during the pandemic, including hikes and other outdoor activities, while respecting the diverse needs and health concerns of all.

A new initiative is the Coffee Hour Spotlight to introduce us to one member or household in greater depth, getting a sense of what brings them to our community. The first spotlight was with Gerry Boyer and Patience Halsey and the most recent with Monika Zasada. We are already seeing what a popular this addition is as we deepen our knowledge of one another in refreshing ways.

The COSM is now working to support the Board on a process to effectively evaluate the congregation’s ministries and we will take this up further during our next meeting. On this and on all topics we always welcome your suggestions and feedback. Grateful to all for your input.

Committee of Shared Ministry: Martha Potter, Ken Dorph, David Holstein