Outreach works on issues outside our four walls. It builds connections in our local and world communities. The emphasis is on social action and justice.

Outreach Committee:  Charged to work across areas including social media, marketing, interfaith engagement and community actions to advance social action and justice.

Ella Engel-Snow*
Kathy Engel
Martha Potter
Pamela Greinke
John Andrews
Sue Penny
Michael Daly
Mark Potter

Helping Hand:  Makes small grants to East End agencies and groups to meet specific needs.

Carolyn Holstein*
Ingrid Krinke
Martha Potter

High Impact Community Outreach (HICO):  Works to be impactful in the five East End towns and the Shinnecock Nation via larger project-based grants to non-profit agencies.

Ken Ettlinger
Celia Josephson
David Holstein
Lora Tucker

Racial Justice East End: Partners with community leaders to encourage reflection, conversation and action on racial justice issues.

Ella Engel-Snow
Pamela Greinke