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On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World
UUA Common Read
Sundays, January 21, 28, February 4. 9:00 am-10:00 am

Most of us know of harm we have directly caused another person. Many also recognize we have shared in harming, perhaps by benefiting from the injustice others suffer. Even as people of faith who wish to improve ourselves and our world, we may still struggle to name and accept our responsibility. Even when we wish to make amends, we can get stuck on how to make things right.

The new UU Common Read, On Repentance and Repair, by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (Beacon Press, 2022), provides a fresh, transformative perspective on making ourselves accountable to others.
This Common Read offers a glimpse into Judaism, one of our faith’s foundational sources… Using Maimonides’ writings as a framework; Rabbi Ruttenberg points us toward modern-day practices of repentance that can make a difference in our personal, community, and broader societal relationships. As a UU Common Read selection, this book invites us to follow our own Unitarian Universalist faith into transformative atonement, whether harm has been done with family or friends, within a congregation or other community, or by sweeping wrongs such as genocide and racial oppression.