Green Sanctuary

UUCSF was awarded the UUA Green Sanctuary designation in 2019 having completed 11 projects over a two-year period.  The effort began with the installation of a 24-kilowatt solar energy system.  It provides 100% of the Meetinghouse’s electricity and has reduced our Carbon footprint by 60%.  Our Worship Services have incorporated the themes of climate change, environmental justice, science and the impact on vulnerable peoples.

The program included a significant number of educational efforts.  There were seminars on the impact of economics and financial choices on the environment; displays on recycling and composting; and a questionnaire that challenged members to commit to reducing their carbon footprint.  A panel presentation, “Good Science vs. Junk Science: How to Tell the Difference,” was produced by three members and was well received in our local towns.  Finally, we have made significant efforts to solidify relationships with Native American and Latinx communities to promote environmental justice.  Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and a respect for our environs continues.

Green Location: The Meetinghouse is located adjacent to the Long Pond Greenbelt.   From our back door, you can access miles of trails that include several ponds.  Enjoy a pleasant walk through the woods north to Sag Harbor or south to the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center.