HICO Overview

High Impact Community Outreach (HICO) was proposed by the UUCSF Board of Trustees and approved by the congregation in late 2019.  It is a long-term program to fund projects that can make a difference in our local communities and develop connections between the congregation and grantees.


FOCUS 2023

Thank you for your interest in the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South
Fork’s (UUCSF) High Impact Community Outreach Fund (HICO). Each grant cycle we
select different areas of focus highlighting specific populations and needs in our
community. We ask that all applicants ensure that their projects align with at least one
identified population and/or set of needs.

This is the fourth year of our HICO program.  Our focus is shifting slightly to reflect the
uncertain economic environment and the impact of the sharp rise in inflation. We would
like to be a resource for East Enders dealing with hardships across several areas. 
Further, we remain sensitive to the lingering challenges from the dislocations generated
by COVID.  Please see our 2023 priorities below. We look forward to learning about
your project!

– Basic Needs: Food & Shelter
– Financial and Legal Education and Assistance
– Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – i.e., Board Representation, Workshops, Community Involvement
– Animals Helping People

– Families with Children
– Low Income Families
– Intergenerational Involvement and Caring