Paul Berman Tribute

Paul Berman was a long time member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork (UUCSF). Our High Impact Community Outreach program is a direct result of Paul’s generous bequest to the congregation. The UUCSF is extremely grateful for the opportunity and responsibility he has charged us with. Paul’s legacy will live on via the funding of projects and organizations that will enhance the lives of people living in our community.

Paul grew up in Brooklyn in a Jewish/Italian neighborhood during the Depression era. He made his living in the lumber industry. He was frugal and hated the idea of being in debt and paying interest to banks. He was responsible for initiating the “Spend Down the Mortgage Program” at the UUCSF. He spearheaded, cajoled, contributed generously and argued passionately to pay-off the Meetinghouse’s mortgage. Paul was successful in his quest. What a blessing he gave the congregation so many years ago.

Paul was a character. He was a private man and a bit eccentric. He attended services in the summer. He generally arrived late with a mischievous, yet inviting smile. He sported a ponytail and had his own style. Paul was very kind and always quick to tell a story. Paul regularly lit a candle at services. His diatribes would often be politically based and were filled with special humor. He always ended with the words: “This is my religious home”.

The congregation is very proud that Paul could find a safe place to express himself and make a difference. We will continue to make a difference in our community with the funds he has entrusted us with.